A passion for Egypt: the cover
Part I 1880-1914
  • "That Violent Hullabaloo"
  • "Select Establishments"
  • From Pedigrees to Hieroglyphs
  • Egypt "Like a House on Fire"
  • Private Idyll; Howard Carter; Public Ideal
  • Yuya and Tuya, and Weigall "Bashmufetish"
  • The Flooding of Nubia; the Tomb of the Nobles
  • Another Royal Tomb: Queen Tiy? Akhnaten?
  • The Eastern Desert; "Odium Archaeologicum" 
  • Gaiety; Akhnaten; and Howard Carter Again
  • Maspero; the Autocrat of Thebes; Akhnaten's Curse 
  • Alan Gardiner at Gurneh; High Life in Luxor
  • "Egyptologists are Themselves...the Worst Vandals" 
  • Breakdown; the Bronze; the War for Egypt's Heritage
  • Scandal, Schemes, and Egyptology for Egyptians
Part II: 1914-1934  
  • From Egypt to the West End 
  • Experiments in Theatre and Film
  • Novelist and Film Critic
  • Tut-ankh-Carter and TutCarnarvon
  • American Lecture Tour; Carter Again; and Divorce
  • Egyptian Chronology; English Monuments
  • The Old Brigade versus the Moderns
  • History Again: Beating the Philistines
  • Shutting the Door